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Why Choose Road Smart?

Company Advantages

1. Specializing in R&D, only produce patent intelligent solar LED street light.

2. Cooperating with professors and experts from Xi’an Jiaotong University and Xi’an University of science and technology, professional R&D team composes of experienced LED driver engineer and lighting designer.

3. 8 years' experience in solar control system, 5years experience in motion sensor control.

4. About 50pcs patent certificates on appearance, structure and circuit, IS09001, CE, RoHS, FCC, CQC, IP65 etc.

3. About 3000 square meters factory area.

6. Solar LED Street lights are successfully applied in more than 40 countries.

7. Offering 3 years warranty.


Products Advantages

Core Technologies:

1.Unique Integrated Design

Integrated the solar panel, led body, battery and controller into a whole system, easy to transport install and maintain . Solar panel can be adjustable manually in vertical and horizontal direction.

2.Light Efficiency Management

Multiple led chip work simultaneously, light efficiency could be 210lm/w, light luminous improve 75% than old design.

3. Microwave Motion Sensor

Radar controlled, called doppler effect. To test ambient movement intelligent, auto-adjust light luminous. More intelligent, energy-saving.

4. Temperature Management

Real-time monitoring the battery, intelligent temperature compensate.

5. Charge & Discharge Management

Use the LiFePO4 battery of 2000 time’s cycles,this battery management by software and hardware combinations, protecting it longer lifetime, extend to 4 times than lead-acid battery.

6. Power Control

Judge the recent climate automatically, to plan the reasonable discharge power, balance the light luminous and discharge time in a perfect degree.

7. Control Mode Management

Combine microwave motion sensor, light control and time control, to make 6 control modes for choice, you can switch to any mode needed.


Main Materials

1. High Efficiency Mono Panel

High efficiency grade a components, over 19% photoelectric conversion efficiency, 25 years lifetime.

2. LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Over 2000 times’ charge & discharge, high capacity, no pollution and stable, high temperature resistance, Road Smart unique intelligent control make it longer lifetime about 10 years.

3. LED Chip

Road Smart patent led chip can reach 210lm/w, the light efficiency is 75% higher than common led chip of 120lm/w.

4. Patent Bat-Wing Lens

Patent bat-wing lens with polarized light customizable designed for nighthawk light, lighting area much wider, the maximum of using the lighting all light on the road.