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Road Smart Solar Street Light Light Up Medyar Brightly And Smartly.

Medyar, a wide-area aside from Delhamiyi real estate, extending from the coastal area along the south high-way to the upper highlands bordering the damour area real estate and the other side along Dibbiyi town, the biggest urban design and parcellation project in the middle east region. The project mainly focused on solving the crowed population pressure problem of the capital.

Resting on the Damour hill, Medyar presents beautiful and spacious surroundings that embrace an overwhelming sea view. An overall area of 2.1 million square meters divided and ready for sale. Its planned based on a unique touch of architectural art, mixing between modern and traditional tastes to create residential units, townhouse and villas, commercial spaces and entertainment facilities. The setting is designed to build a thriving community that is composed of all what comes to mind. It comes as a full package life plan that supplies a country club, medical, hospitality, educational facilities and much more. Medyar makes it possible for the community to make use of a variety of recreational activitives and facilities including exercising, dining, and entertaining. Medyar's scheme is to come up with all possible ways to bring families together to the best nurtueing and desire-fulfilling setting.



Now, all solar street light installed in Medyar 100% work perfectly, these smart solar lights light up the beautiful coastal city smartly and brightly.





In order to better know about the demands of partners and view the operation of solar street lights in Meydar, Road Smart specially dispatch the responsible person fly there to inspect.Customers in Meydar are very satisfied with Road Smart solar led street light, all solar street light installed there all work in good condition.




There is an unknown fact that the supply of electricity in Lebanese is shortage. Not only Lebanon, entire Middle East are facing serious power supply problems. In this condition, solar street light play a huge advantage to save energy, not only it can light up city, also won't create an additional burden on the fragile electricity supply system.This can a win-win situation of economic and social benefits, solar street lights are of great significance to Lebanon.


This customer is certain to install Road Smart solar street light in the new city of Lebanon, let Road Smart light up Medyar brightlym, beauteously and smartly.