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Road Smart-Smart Light Of Friendship China&Myanmar

Sep. 25 - 28, with the support of the Yunnan Provincial People's Government and Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce, Yunnan Green Energy Industry Association and Department of Research and Innovation, ministry of education of Myanmar held a PV application technology training conference in Rangoon. This meeting aims to strengthen China and Myanmar PV application technology communication, display advanced photovoltaic applications, to enhance the photovoltaic technology and create a good opportunity for two countries. 

Road Smart intelligent solar street light on behalf of the industry's most advanced photovoltaic applications technology and products, as a training guests invited to participate in the meeting to do the relevant technical explanation and exchange.


The night before the meeting,Yunnan Green Energy Industry Association Secretary-General and Road Smart operations director and his staff, visited the reconstruction of solar street lights demonstration project in Yunnan Province undertaked by Road Smart, separately installed in Mande Le Hospitals, temples, provincial governments and Rangoon hospitals, the Ministry of Education, hotels. The scene of the lighting effect was unanimously approved by people. At the same time, Road Smart operations director of the project explained the wokring conditions of  these solar street lights, focusing on explain the promote and use of Road Smart solar street lights in Myanmar, will meet the needs of night lighting at local place, bring convenience to residents' travel.


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In the meeting, the director of the Department of Research and Innovation, ministry of education of Myanmar made an important speech on the opening of the meeting. He said that the friendship between China and Myanmar has a long history and the two sides have close contacts, extensive cooperation and complementary advantages. Myanmar's average sunshine for a long time, adequate light resources, if most efficient, maximize use solar energy will be able to solve the shortage of energy in Myanmar, and can save a lot of financial expenditure. In recent years, Myanmar government given a lot of advocacy to support to speed up the development of photovoltaic technology, also continue to carry out industry conferences to discuss the exchange of photovoltaic applications.




During the meeting,Road Smart operations director explained the solar street lamp industry trends and the current industry advanced technology and future development direction. He Ssaid a good solar street lights need to integrate seven major disciplines, only enterprise have real strength can create an extreme solar street lights, andRoad Smart solar street lights will provide the most professional and most quality basis Construction material selection for countries along "the belt and road".


This meeting has also received high attention from myanmar's ministry of education and media.