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Road Smart-Pakistan Investment Cooperation Workshop Held Perfectly

“This solar light is very intelligent and functional, should seize to take root in Pakistan market , you have my support” said by Zukang Sha, the former deputy secretary general of the United Nations in the Conference of Road Smart.

In May, Twenty-six country delegations and hundreds Chinese enterprise came to the Investment Fair of Punjab province, including Socreat Electronics Technology Limited.

Road Smart


Road Smart Solar LED street light can turn the sunlight into electricity efficiently, light up the night in Pakistan. The third generation of Road Smart new patented solar street light proved we have made a great progress in Outdoor Solar Lighting area.

The first generation solar street light is separate assembling type. The second generation is flat solar street light. Flat solar street light has nonadjustable solar panel and unreasonable power ratio. With innovation and high technology, the third generation of solar street light achieved great success.

Road Smart solar street can alleviating the power problems, save the electric power in Pakistan. Helping to build the public street lighting benefit the citizen, promote social harmonious.


What is the operational strategy in Pakistan? First, product enter.Second, technical services. Socreat plan to work with local partners, offer the technical training and maintenance service to the customer.Third, cooperate with the local enterprise. Socreat plan to Invest and set up factories, then produce and sale Localization in Pakistan.


Road Smart