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International Communication-Road Smart & Myanmar Government Together Communicate PV Application Technology

Recently, under the support of the People's Government of Yunnan Province and the Department of Commerce of Yunnan Province, the Yunnan Green Energy Industry Association and the Department of Research and Innovation (DRI) of the Ministry of Education of Myanmar held a training seminar on PV technology successfully in Yangon, aims to strengthen the exchange of PV application technology between China and Myanmar, and create a good opportunity for the improvement of PV technology in both countries. 

Road Smart intelligent street lights represent the most advanced PV application products in the industry, was invited to attend the conference to share the related technical knowledge with officials and scholars from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the Ministry of Electric Power(MOEP), the Ministry of Energy(MOE), the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation(MOLI), the Department of Rural Development,Yezin Agricultural University(YAU),Mandalay Technological University(MTU), etc.

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On the meeting, head of the Ministry of Education(MOE) of Myanmar made an important speech for the opening of the training. He said that China and Myanmar as friendly neighbors are linked by mountains and rivers, and the traditional friendship between our two nations has a long history. Myanmar has long duration of sunshine and sufficient light resources. Making the most efficient use of light energy will solve the crisis of energy shortage in Myanmar. In recent years, Myanmar government has provided great advocacy and support to accelerate the development of PV technology, and continuously carried out industry conferences to discuss and learn the latest developments of PV application technology. The relevant person in charge of the Yunnan Green Energy Industry Association said that China strongly supports the development of green energy and cemented the profound friendship with Myanmar. It is hoped that two countries will cooperate with each other in new energy industry and contribute to the global environmental protection.

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During the conference, Yin Zhenkun, Technical Director of Road Smart, talked about the development trend of PV lighting. He said that PV lighting provides low-cost and sustainable lighting solution, and brings the world a new highly efficient and environment-friendly lighting method . A good solar street light shall be the integration of 7 disciplines, only a powerful enterprise can make it perfect. Road Smart will provide the most professional and qualified products for the countries along “the Belt and Road”. Besides, he also shared the development of LED technology, lithium battery technology and PV technology. He concluded that the advancement of these three technologies promote the development of solar street lights, and Road Smart will always apply the latest technology to solar street lights to provide customers excellent products.

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In addition,Missy Liu, foreign trade department team leader of Road Smart, analyzed the advantages of smart solar street lights. She pointed out that the intelligentization of solar street lights is the future trend, and Road Smart solar street lights have achieved many significant technological breakthroughs in this aspect, by giving these lights "Wisdom" attributes such as Internet of Things, entertainment function, surveillance technology. During the training, the response was very good, Road Smart team earned unanimous praise for the practicality of the training content. It’s worth mentioning that the Yunnan Green Energy Industry Association cooperated with Road Smart and donated 6 solar street lights to the University of Information Technology in Yangon. Head of the Ministry of Education (MOE) of Myanmar expressed gratitude to the Yunnan Green Energy Industry Association and Road Smart Company.

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After the conference, head of the Yunnan Green Energy Industry Association and the Road Smart staff visited two solar street light projects which are undertaken by Road Smart. The lighting effects of the two projects were unanimously recognized by all participants. Furthermore, the local project leader said that these solar street lights are also highly appreciated by the local government and people, which greatly facilitate people's travel at night and improve their quality of life. Road Smart Technical Director Yin Zhenkun also introduced the products to the people present, analyzed the work modes of the solar street lights, and emphasized that the promotion and use of Road Smart solar street lights in Myanmar will help to meet the local residents’lighting needs at night and bring great convenience to their life.

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This time communication deepened the friendship between China and Myanmar and strengthened two nations’ consensus on the protection of new energy applications. Road Smart will continue to conduct training and exchange activities in various countries, to Light up the road with wisdom and to spread the "wisdom" around the world.