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How To Install Solar LED Street Light Correctly?

Choose correct place:

1. According to road direction and the position of lamp light source, select orientation of lamp light source, attention the latitude of lighting place and adjust solar panel angel (local latitude add 5 degree is suitable), let solar panel meet maximum lighting area.

2. Solar LED Street Light must installed at the place where have enough light and no shadow above solar panel whole day. For example solar panel locate in the northern hemisphere, face to the south; the southern hemisphere opposite, face to the north; near the equator solar pane can be flat.

3. Solar light should avoid to close to heat source, in case of affect the life of  lamp.

4. Working temperature: -20℃~ 60℃. In a comparatively cold environment, should increase battery capacity appropriately.

5. There should be no direct light source above solar panel, in case of light control system identify mistakenly cause wrong operation.

6. There should no other facilities ( such as cables and pipelines, etc ) under the location of solar street light.



Installation Steps:

First step: examine and test

1. Examine all parts if all in ready

2. Test lamp if working correctly

  Lamp can regular work in Demo mode, means lamp is good

  Test over, turn to target mode use remote control

Second step: assemble lamp holder components

1. Take off the there screws of fix the head cover and fix head cover.

2. Fix the anchor to solar panel use the six screws in accessories bag

3. Preset solar panel angel, assemble solar panel and lamp holder together

   Attention: tighten the anti-skid screws

Third step: assemble lamp holder and pole

1. Load the lamp holder of have installed solar panel on the pole

   Attention: diameter of pole <70mm

2. Tighten the six screws of lock the pole